Children & The Power of Music

Music is everywhere in our lives.  It influences how energetic we are and  whether we feel happy or sad.  Our children are surrounded by music too.  The music they hear has a profound effect on how they feel and act and on the way they view the world around them,  Many of us don't really think about the songs that are played around our kids, but we should think about them, especially where toddlers and young kids are concerned.  Young children ask a lot of questions and although sometimes it seems like they're doing it to drive us crazy, they usually ask those questions because they need to learn about the world around them.  Children growing up around people speaking several languages have no trouble becoming fluent in those languages, but learning even one new language can be excruciatingly difficult for an adult.  Little kids absorb everything.

A Book Can Take You Anywhere is the soundtrack of a children's musical of the same name.  The musical and the songs in it are designed to motivate kids to want to read.  The title song brings the message that books have the power to take us places and the other songs have messages of their own.  The most important thing is that this is fun toe-tapping music that won't grate on parents' nerves.  So here are some sample clips of the songs. The songs are available for sale on this site as a CD or as MP3 downloads by clicking here or on the album name in the module below the main menu.   If you have a Book Riders download card click here to use it.  The songs can also be purchased at Itunes or Amazon MP3.

A Book Can Take You Anywhere

A book really can take you anywhere.  In our imaginations they can take us places that only exist in those books.  The books that we read to learn things, in or out of school, can take us to good jobs and careers and the satisfaction of knowledge in real life.

It's A Happy Day

In the musical, Arabella the Musical Fairy, along with her music class and her friend Don Karaoke, travel the world using his magic Book.  Their first stop is Jamaica where they hear this raggae shuffle about the beauty of the island and how it's best for children to try not to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

How Do You Say?

Their next stop is France.  Don Karaoke's been there before and he had a little trouble with the language.  This song is a little French lesson about please and thank you, and how not to order ice cream and pie and end up with snails for dessert.

What Do You Think?

Then they go to Ireland.  In Ireland they meet Don Karaoke's cousin Donald McFox .  He sings them a song about leprechauns, unicorns, and  why people hardly ever actually see leprechauns and unicorns.

Mozzarella Tarantella

Arabella's hungry so they go to Italy, the place where pizza was invented.  They meet a chef, toss some pizza dough and get introduced to Italian music.  Tarantella is a kind of Italian folk dance and music.  Mozzarella Tarantella tells what it's all about.

Many Hands

Next our travelers are off to China.  While they're in China they see a parade with a lot of noisy people and a dragon! They meet a Chinese girl who sings them a song.  Many Hands is a song about the wisdom of teamwork and the joy of life.

I Like It Hot

Arabella finds the dragon in the parade a little unnerving so they head to their next stop which turns out to be Mexico.  They meet Don Karaoke's cousin Don Chocolate.  He sings them a song called I Like It Hot.  This song is a definite hit with young kids who often find it very easy to dance to.

You Should See Africa

There's trouble at the cantina (because Don Chocolate "borrowed" a tamale pie from his sister) so they turn the page and end up in Africa.  There are a lot of really big animals in Africa, at least where the Book takes them, and after a quick song about Africa, sung by the park ranger they meet, they turn another page.

In the Big Easy

The next stop on the Book tour is New Orleans, Louisiana.  There they meet an old friend of Don Karaoke named Madamoiselle Arabelle.  She tells them why she thinks New Orleans is called the Big Easy and sings them a  song about it.

A Winning Streak

They close the book and end up back in Miss Arabella's classroom.  There's  some discussion about whether they really went anywhere at all, or if it was just a really good book.  Miss Arabella and Don Karaoke sing a song about reading books and feeling good about ourselves.